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About Enoch and His Inspirational Music

"Enoch plays with finesse and expertise and with humility of a man deeply moved by God."

Born in Chennai, India, Enoch Fernando, a brilliant concert pianist who travels over 250,000 miles each year, has performed in over 4000 concerts worldwide, fashioning a unique "worship experience" with his concerts across America that help the needy of India and the children of the world.

EnochEnoch's concerts are full of musical virtuosity, inspirational spiritual zeal, enjoyable lightness and flair. His music ministry has lifted people bringing encouragement and healing to wounded hearts.

Music With A Mission

As he sat in the early hours of the morning, under the flickering light of a kerosene lamp in his tiny home in Chennai, India, he watched his uncle play the great classics on a rundown five and a half octave piano. Little did Enoch Fernando realize that one day he would himself become a great concert performer playing in some of America's great churches and arenas.

Enoch can be found each Sunday seated at a grand piano or keyboard in a church somewhere giving what he calls "A Unique Worship Experience" as he plays a combination of great hymns, worship songs, classical music, contemporary world themes along with his own compositions. His piano has no language barriers. His remarkable natural gifts and talent accompanied with rich orchestrations and multimedia video touch the heart and move the soul.

But this remarkable virtuoso doesn't just give a concert: each of his performances has a purpose. He wants to draw people closer to God in worship, and also help support "Christ For India," a great outreach headed by his father, Manuel Fernando, also known as "the Billy Graham of India." This outreach program supports an orphanage, a leper clinic, mass crusades attended by up to 120,000 people.

The Start of a Music Ministry

From an early age, Enoch said he knew that music was going to be his ministry. "As a young child, my mother would send me to accordion lessons that I hated", he confessed. "But that was the thing to do in those days. So I took accordion lessons for a few years."

"When I was 15 years old, I was involved with a rock band called The Confusions, and we were very confused. Amazingly, we won the All-India Beat Contest and we had a hit record out, but I felt God was calling me to come to the United States to study music.

"A couple had invited me to live in their home near Southern California College in Costa Mesa, and in their home they had a nine foot concert grand piano on which I could do my studies. I was fortunate enough to be able to study piano with Lazlo Lack, who was the piano teacher for Richard and Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters."

EnochPastor Daine Demaree of the Church On The Move in San Diego, California, said, "The evening with Enoch could best be characterized by the word excellence. He is extraordinarily gifted yet skilled in directing praise and worship to the Master. His artistry is truly world-class and is released through a vessel that is unmistakably sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leadership. Without a doubt, Enoch's ministry far exceeded my expectations and will be remembered as one of the very best our church has experienced."

Enoch said that he never quite knows how God is going to use his music and his many recordings.

"I have entitled our concerts 'A Unique Worship Experience.' It's not just a performance, we want to minister to the hearts of the people. That's our desire."

Enoch then issued a challenge to all Christians. "I believe that God has called each one of us to a particular task and possibly each task may seem impossible", he said. "But if you and I will do all that we can do, He will do all we cannot do, for God is not looking for ability, but he is looking for availability. We all need to say to the Lord, 'Lord, help me to be available to reach out to all people in a dying world.'"

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